Why Hire a DIRECT Employee

This is a great option when filling higher-level roles in management or executive positions that require a long-term, permanent commitment to the organization. The same is true when an employer needs to fill a niche position that has more complex or technical skill requirements.

Going the direct recruiting route is also a smart decision when there’s a tight job market. Job candidates aren’t quite as plentiful during these times, and a temporary or contract job opportunity is not as attractive to a candidate as a direct hire opportunity. With direct hire positions, employees enjoy benefits as well as job security.

What services we provide when searching for direct placements

  • Site visits

  • Develop job descriptions

  • Recruit candidates

  • Screen resumes

  • Interview applicants

  • Test applicants

  • Schedule employer interviews

  • Check references

  • Provide background checks and/or drug testing per client requests

  • Negotiate compensation and benefits

  • Confidential recruitment

  • Succession planning


We take the time to screen, interview, and test each and every candidate, which gives us the confidence to offer our placement guarantee. All direct placements are covered by our guarantee. We partner with our clients to define the search criteria and customize our search project to present you only with candidates who match the agreed upon profile.

Site visits and discussions about company philosophy enable us to identify candidates who can not only handle the day-to-day responsibilities of the position, but will also fit into a company's culture.